Old lady cartoonDear old lady who chastised me from your car window as you drove by me at the Harris Teeter parking lot, I’d like to tell you how great is that you stood up for what’s right but I can’t.

I’m not afraid. I’m just going to do it. I am compelled to tell you what you did in that parking lot just now was not righteous or courageous. It was mean and little and, dare I say it, you were being a bully. Maybe you were scared I would say something back or maybe you were too busy or scared to walk up to me and talk to me about parking in the “mothers with children” parking spot.

Yes, I know they were big enough to walk. Yes I know they were not riding in a carriage. Did you notice that I had THREE of them with me? I suppose you did not notice that they are all also under the age of 9. It may have been a while since you were the mother of elementary age kids or maybe you’re the mother of a mother with a teeny tiny.  Congrats, if that’s the case.  Maybe you never had kids. Any way you slice it, your drive-by denigration of my choice of parking spot was unfair and unwarranted.

I don’t park in the spots for expectant mothers. I don’t park in spots that are marked for parents with infants. I just don’t – and I give the stink eye to people who do who don’t fit the bill (like the couple next to me you failed to see get into their car without any kids whatsoever). I do not even park in the handicap spot. Ever.

So, sail on with your drive-by downcasts of people you think are cheating the system. I’ll only be angry for a little while at your small, nasty attempt at being superior. I’m a mom of three kids 8, 6, and 5. If the sign says “mother with small children,” and my kids are still small enough to have potential to get hit by cars who can’t see them, I will take the space every time.

Next time I hope you woman up and speak your mind in a more civil way. I would have loved to understand and come to respect your point of view as well as to have introduced you to mine (ref: this article) if you had given me the chance. Perhaps then we both might have walked away with a much better understanding of each other’s perspectives.  For now, you have provided me with a life lesson I can carry forward to the day when people in their 40’s are calling me an Old Lady and I am thinking about giving them the finger wag.  That and this article make me feel much better.