Note to SelfHere it is…the long awaited, much anticipated (since two days ago) TOP TEN LIST of things I learned after resigning from my job to strike out on my own.

If not comprehensive in coverage, it is at least true in every aspect.  This journey to one year post-resignation has been one of the most interesting, surprising, and rewarding of my career. There have been technical AND personal lessons all along the way.  Some have been edifying and others have been just downright frustrating and debilitating.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful support system which has carried me through the lows and celebrated the highs. May it always be so and may it keep me mindful of how to do it for others as they strike out on their own.



DO, finally, go on a field trip with your kindergartener’s class.  Do NOT ride the bus with said class.


Setting up a website and a blog will involve forming a really close relationship with Doug the support guy at GoDaddy, the email support at Weebly, and the WordPress consultant (Booyah!), and basically anyone who is willing to answer your dumb I’m-not-a-millennial-what-does-this-button-do questions.


Spending three hours trying to export and reformat your contacts from a Mac OS to excel is stupid.  There’s an app for that.  It took five minutes. SMH.


SMH means “shaking my head.” This and many other acronyms give you lots of street cred with the cool kids hanging out on social media.


So, Mailchimp is not a great ape that works for the post office?  Got it.


Coordinating calendars is difficult when you are on the same network but nearly impossible when you aren’t and you are reduced to trading availability through email.  Thankfully, there’s an app (or 10) for this, too.


Writing your own website content is kind of fun, but it turns out the “About Me” page is actually the hardest part to write (cue René Descartes).  Have you ever really tried to answer the question: “Who am I?” It’s HARD!


QuickBooks: It is neither quick nor a book.  Discuss. (#ihateaccounting)


It only takes two years, the loss of all daily access to PCs, the installation of Microsoft Office for Mac, two OS upgrades, and a few Apple classes to turn a Mac from a glorified TV into an actually useful piece of technology. (Where’s that Staples button…) #imamac #thatwaseasy

And the number one thing I have learned…


People want to help. They really do. Receiving support and encouragement, and accepting help from friends, colleagues, and surprisingly friendly strangers on twitter (@ericlmitchell) during this time of major change has been a bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined.  Everyone should be as lucky as me.

Got anything to add to my list? What have you learned that you carried forward after making a BIG decision?  Let me know in your comment below!