main de femme battue sur mur symbole de douleur

Hey there campers.  With Monday almost over, you may not be looking for that extra cup of coffee or boost of energy to get you going.  Maybe you enjoyed a “comfort food” lunch and are feeling a bit groggy. Perhaps you are done with your Monday and are enjoying some guilty pleasure like sifting through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram liking all the pictures of smiling babies and laughing dogs.  Good for you! You made it!

As I write this, I struggle with just how honest to be with you, my reader.  You will notice it has been a while since my last post and that usually indicates either a really busy life or one that lacks the proper inspiration (guess what this post is about).

Finding inspiration on a regular basis is tough – especially when you’re on your own.  Working for companies, big or small, there would always be something to complain or laugh about and just enough time to think about it on the drive to work. What do you do when you are boss AND employee, when your drive to work is a walk up the stairs instead of a thirty minute drive? What do you do when there’s no one to blame for your lack of productivity other than yourself? When you have had all of the positive mantra-saying that you can tolerate, what do you do?

Go to the source.  Why it takes so long – why it has always been the farthest destination down the path – I will never know.  Obstinate? Strong-willed? Think following the rules, doing what’s expected according to your schedule every day will keep you going…

NOPE. Big NOPE.  Me? I must go to the source.  Yes, continue to think positive thoughts. Continue to trust that success will come.  But STOP thinking that it’s just me.  Stop thinking that destiny is defined in a bubble of the larger universe. I am not being watched, I am being helped. The opportunity is to recognize the help and trust someone. Trust Him.

Because it’s true: even strong people need help.

That’s my story for this lovely Monday.  What’s yours? What or whom are you trusting today?

Is it time to reach out, strong friend?